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BE WARNED - Theft from garages and Crime In General is on the increase and that's Official!

Many garage doors are insecure or have very meagre or inadequate protection, giving opportunist thieves easy access to your valuable assets such as cars, vans, bikes, scooters, motorbikes, lawn mowers, ladders
and tools.  High value and easily disposable.

Why make it easy for them, when for a small investment you can secure your garage door with the World leading British made Garage Defender?

Garage Defenders coupled with chains, locks and anchors provide the perfect solution to beat the thieves - most of our products are Thatcham tested and Sold Secure.

Always be aware of who is lurking about your property - infra red proximity sensors are the answer and they have never been cheaper to buy - see our Specials Offers.

Don't wait to hear bangs, thuds and crashes - the sounds of a break-in before you take proper security measures!