Tracker board secure storage for multiple keys - total key control

Mechanical KeyTracker Key Security Systems Mechanical means that the system does not rely on electrical or battery power to operate the system and is a simple yet effective method of securing keys and ensures that you will never wonder where is that key, who has taken it and what is it being used for? 
The mechanical key boards are modular, a bit like Lego, the tracks start at 5 key positions up to a maximum of 150 key positions. 
The most popular sizes are 25, 50 and 100 key positions. Visually, the coloured access pegs, sometimes called release pegs (that is what they do) are ideal for identifying individuals, teams, shifts, departments (PDI, Service, MOT, Used Cars/vans, New Cars/Vans etc).
The 5 peg system now comes with stainless steel retaining pegs - these are metal detectable and ideal for the pet food and general food processing industries.
 Each authorised employee is allocated their individual access/release peg to unlock the keys required, preventing keys being misplaced along with showing the line manager/authorised personnel who specifically has which key. Additional safety options are provided, secure key cabinets, key out/key in logs and colour coding sheets etc. 
Supplied with this system: Oog/M5G single track to accommodate 5 white numbered retention pegs, 1 coloured access/release peg, 15 tamperproof wire hasp security seals and a seal cutter – track is secured within a brushed aluminium frame
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